To keep your grass heathy, follow these fall tips:

Fall Lawn Care Tips
Fall Green Grass Lawn Care Tips

1)  Don’t stop watering too early: continue to water your lawn regularly into October. This allows the turf to recover from the summer heat and dry atmosphere.

2) Mow: Continue mowing your yard as it needs it. When mowing remember to not remove more than ⅓ of the grass blade. Cutting off too much of the blade puts extra stress on your lawn.

3)  Fertilize: Fall fertilization will promote growth when the lawn is recovering from the heat of the summer and helps to build a strong base for the following year.

4)  Weed:  Fall is the perfect time to get rid of the weeds in your lawn. Destroying the weeds now, all the way down to the root level and this means fewer weeds in the spring.

5)  Aerate: Fall is a good time to aerate to relieve the soil compaction from higher traffic lawns. Compacted soil will prevent moisture and nutrients from getting to the roots and keeps the roots from getting the proper oxygen and nutrients it needs.