No one wants to have to deal with weeds, and the most frustrating part about them is that they just keep coming back! Weed control in Grand Junction is hard work, and if you don’t know how to take care of your weeds the right way, you are just making more work for yourself! Many people who attempt their own weed control make the same mistakes, and when you know what those mistakes are, you can avoid them! The following is our list of the most common weed control mistakes:

  • Using a weed wacker – A weed wacker is not a solution for weeds, but it can provide you with a quick fix when you need it, especially if you are getting letters from the city telling you that you need to do something about your weeds right away. Weed wackers can’t pull the roots out of the ground, so those weeds will just keep coming back!
  • Using Roundup – Roundup does a great job of killing weeds, but it won’t stop there. It will kill any plant-life that it comes in contact with, so unless your other plants have been genetically modified to survive Roundup, don’t use it to kill your weeds!
  • Not pulling the root all the way out – Weeds are so resilient because many have a long taproot that reaches deep into the soil. The taproot allows weeds to enjoy nutrients and moisture from deep within the soil, which is why they can survive drought and they steal nutrients so effectively from other plants. In order to get rid of the weed, you have to pull out the entire taproot.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more common weed control mistakes!