A rainy spring and summer means more weeds.

This spring and summer have been incredibly rainy in Colorado, which makes your lawn and your weeds happy. Weeds, just like your lawn, love the rain and many of them thrive in it. That is why you are likely to see more weeds this year than in previous years, but luckily, you aren’t helpless against the weeds because Mesa Turf Masters is here to help. We are your premier source for weed control in Grand Junction, and with our help, you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful lawn that will crowd out the weeds.

How can a healthy lawn keep the weeds away?

Weeds need space, water and nutrients to grow, which is why they thrive in patchy, unhealthy lawns. When your lawn is full of healthy plant life and grass, it prevents those pesky weeds from getting everything they need to grow. Another thing to consider is that there are usually clear-cut reasons for the growth of weeds. For instance, some weeds prefer compact soil while others thrive in over-watered lawns.  The healthier and more crowded your lawn is with the plants you want, the less likely you are to have to deal with annoying weeds.

No matter what is causing the weeds to grow in your lawn, you should call the experts at Mesa Turf Masters to get the weed control that you need. We are a local weed control company, which means that we have a better understanding of the unique challenges Grand Junction has to face. We know how to handle the weeds in Grand Junction! Contact us today to get started.