Crabgrass WeedCrabgrass is a patchy growing summer grass that can become a serious weed problem. Usually found in lawns and pastures, however they are also seen in vineyards, orchards, gardens, and landscape areas. Loving the hot dry conditions, crabgrass can grow quickly spreading along the ground. Crabgrass dies off in the fall, but only after gifting your yard thousands of little seeds that will grow in the spring.

The crabgrass weed requires a pre-emergent in the early spring. Even though you won’t see them until late April or early May, it’s best to treat before they grow. Once growing it is more difficult to control.

Bluegrass lawns have tall fescue that is often confused with crabgrass. Tall fescue is considered a perennial turf plant that is a common weed found in bluegrass lawns. Early treatment is recommended for this as well.