For many here in beautiful Grand Junction, weed control can seem like an uphill battle. Because of our area’s elevation and climate, our weeds are a bit more stubborn than in other parts of our incredible state.┬áHere at Mesa Turf Masters, we understand how frustrating weeds can be, and we also know that not everyone wants to have to turn to chemicals to control their weeds. That is why we have come up with the following list of chemical-free weed control tips:

  • Crowd them out!- The thicker and healthier your lawn is, the less space there will be for weeds to grow! Weeds will take advantage of your lawn’s open areas and steal any available resources, so it makes sense that if you fill in your lawn with healthy grass and plant-life, you are eliminating those open areas that weeds would typically take advantage of.
  • Keep your soil healthy- As we learned in one of our previous blogs, weeds thrive in unhealthy soil, and they can often be a sign of an underlying problem, like poor draining soil or compacted soil. Keeping your soil as healthy as possible will go a long way to preventing many of those pesky weeds from ever growing in the first place.

Although these tips are great for keeping the weeds at bay, weeds still have a way of sneaking into our lawns, even if you’ve done everything right! In these cases, your best bet is to turn to the professionals at Mesa Turf masters for our professional weed control services.