Does your lawn have plenty of large, beautiful trees?

Trees are a wonderful addition to every yard. Not only do they provide beauty and life to a landscape, they also come with many incredible benefits (read about some of the many benefits of having trees in our previous blog). However, as incredible as trees are, too much shade can be bad for your grass. That is why our lawn care professionals in Grand Junction have come up with these tips for keeping a shady lawn healthy:

#1. Get to know your grass.

There are many different kinds of grass, and each kind has its own sunlight requirements. In general, most grass needs about 8 hours of light each day to stay healthy, but there are certain kinds that don’t require as much sunlight. For example, fine fescue grass only needs about 4 hours of sunlight and perennial ryegrass needs about 6. Choose your grass wisely!

#2. Let your grass grow a bit longer.

While 2-inch blades are ideal for most grass, shade tolerant grass should be kept just a little bit longer. By letting your grass grow to 3 inches, instead of 2, the blades will have a larger surface area so that there is more room for photosynthesis to occur.

#3. Don’t overwater. 

Overwatering grass in shady areas is a mistake, as the lack of sunlight makes it more difficult for the water to evaporate. Damp grass is prone to mold and disease. The best way to water your shady grass is deeply and sporadically.

#4. Overseed in the fall. 

No matter how well you take care of your grass, you may still notice bald spots in shady areas of your lawn. Overseeding during the falls months is a great way to fill in the gaps in your lawn.

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