In our latest blog, we talked about how improper weed control can lead to more weeds and more work, and we went over a few common mistakes that people make when they try to control their own weeds. To recap, we’ve already gone over using a weed wacker, not pulling out the root all the way and using Roundup. The following is a list from our lawn care experts in Grand Junction of a more common mistakes people make with weed control:

  • Not using mulch – Mulch is one of the best and most affordable DIY weed control methods out there! Mulch makes it a whole lot harder for weeds to anchor themselves into your soil, and when the weeds eventually do anchor themselves, mulch makes it a whole lot easier for you to pull them out! Mulch also keeps your other plants healthy, and the more healthy plants you have, the less room weeds will have to grow!
  • You have empty patches – If your yard has empty patches, you can bet those annoying weeds will find them and take advantage of them. If you have empty patches, it is like sending weeds an invitation to take over your yard!
  • Using weed control fabric – Weed control fabric isn’t a permanent solution, but it may work for a couple of seasons. Eventually though, that fabric will start to disintegrate and those weeds will start to come through.

Don’t put a whole lot of time and hard work into improper weed control. Get it done right the first time by the professionals at Mesa Turf Masters! Contact us today to get started.