There are many misconceptions about weeds.

As Grand Junction’s premier weed control experts, we’ve heard it all. Unfortunately, believing the myths out there about weeds will only make your weed problem worse! When you know the truth about your weeds, you will be equipped with the knowledge that you need to control them effectively. That is why we have set out to debunk common myths about weeds.

Common myths about weeds debunked:

  • Too many herbicides lead to super weeds – Many people believe that weeds will eventually become resistant to herbicides. This isn’t exactly false, but it isn’t completely true either. Weeds can eventually become resistant to a specific herbicide, but they aren’t super weeds, it is usually a single mutated gene that causes the resistance. The good news is that weeds don’t become resistant to all herbicides, so you can just pick a new one to get rid of it or control it with other methods.
  • Spraying alone can handle all of your weeds – As we learned earlier, weeds can become resistant to herbicides over time, but spraying yet another herbicide isn’t always the best option. Weeds with multiple resistances are become more and more common, so the very best approach to weed control has to be a multifaceted one, combining herbicides with other methods, like mulching and proper lawn care.
  • You can kill your weeds with vinegar- Pouring vinegar on your weeds will certainly appear to work, as it will damage the leafy part of the weed, but it has no effect on the root, so it will just keep growing back.

These are just a couple of the many myths out there surrounding weed control.