Although it may not feel like winter has any end in sight, spring is right around the corner, and even though fall is the optimal time of the year to overseed your lawn, if you have the right grass type, you could enjoy great results by overseeding your lawn in the spring. By starting lawn care for your Grand Junction home early, you are setting yourself up for a lush, beautiful lawn all summer long!

Overseeding is most appropriate if your grass is looking damaged or thin, however, if you have just a few patchy areas, spot seeding would be the better alternative. Regardless of whether you decide to overseed your lawn in the fall or the spring, you will get the best results by combing overseeding with lawn aeration. By aerating your lawn, you are allowing the seeds, fertilizer, oxygen and water to get reach deep down into your lawn’s soil. This gives your seeds a much higher chance for germination.

Overseeding can come with many benefits. Of course, overseeding will help to make your lawn fuller and more attractive, but it can also help to protect it! The healthier your lawn is, the better it will be able to protect itself against the insects, disease and drought that are so common in the summer.

Is spring overseeding the right choice for your lawn? The best way to know for sure is by having our experts come out and take a look at your lawn. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!