Looking for a solution for those ugly brown spots in your yard?

If so, our lawn care experts in Grand Junction can help! However, before we can correct the problem, we have to understand what is causing it in the first place. That is why, in our latest blog series, we’ve been giving you common causes of brown spots in yards. We’ve already talked about human-caused damage, animal-caused damage and damage from poor growing conditions, and we have just one more category to cover, lawn disease and pests.

Damage caused by lawn diseases and pests:

  • Thatch – If you have a buildup of dead or decaying grass in your yard, you have thatch. Thatch that is more than half an inch thick can choke out the healthy grass, so break up your thatch with a rake.
  • Fungal diseases – We’ve seen quite a bit of rain lately here in Colorado, which makes it the ideal growing condition for fungal diseases. If your lawn has a fungal disease, you will probably notice circular brown spots, a pattern on the infected blades or a general drying or thinning out of your lawn.
  • Chinch bugs – Chinch bugs love sunny patches located near sidewalks and driveways. They are small, black and white bugs, and luckily, they are fairly easy to spot.
  • Grubs – If you can pull your sod back easily, like carpet, you may notice fat, white worms, and these are called grubs. If there are more than ten grubs per square foot of lawn, they can start to cause some serious damage.