Have you had a chance to read our latest blog yet? If so, then you already know why the cracks in your driveway, sidewalk and patio are ideal for grass and weed growth. However, just because grass and weeds like to grow in those cracks, doesn’t mean that you should leave it! This grass can be unsightly to look at, but how do you get rid of it? The experts at Mesa Turf Masters, your source for the best lawn care service in Vail, have come up with the following list of tips for preventing grass from growing in the cracks:

#1. Pour boiling water onto the grass.

Heat kills the organisms in the soil that promotes growth, and it will kill any plant life it comes into contact with. If you do decide to pour boiling water on your unwanted grass and weeds, make sure you are very careful when you pour it, as it will kill other plants it comes into contact with.

#2. Make a kitchen vinegar and salt mixture.

Mix approximately a gallon of kitchen vinegar with a cup of salt (you can adjust the amount of this mixture depending on how large the affected area is) and apply to the area. Keep in mind that the acidity in the vinegar will kill almost all grasses and weeds, but it can take more than one application. You can add a cup of lemon juice to make the mixture more potent. Just like with the boiling water, be careful when applying the mixture, as it will kill anything it comes into contact with.