Weeds are ugly, hard to control, and they steal nutrients from your grass, but weeds can also teach you a thing or two about your lawn. In our last blog, we talked about what dandelions, crabgrass, and clover can tell you about your soil and your lawn. The following is a list from the company that brings you the best lawn care service in Vail, Mesa Turf Masters, of a few more weeds and what they can tell you about your lawn:

  • Japanese Knotweed- If you are having to deal with stubborn knotweed in your lawn, it could be an indicator that you have acidic soil, you’ve fertilized too much or too little, you have a drainage problem, or you have compacted soil. One of the best ways to prevent knotweed from sprouting in your yard is to prevent your soil from compacting through aeration. If knotweed is present in your flowerbeds or vegetable garden, try mulching.
  • Ground Ivy- Ground ivy, which got its name because it grows low to the ground, is often found in yards with poor drainage. Getting rid of some of your thatch with a rake is a great way to prevent ground ivy from continuing to grow in your yard.
  • Plantains- Plantains absolutely love soil that is compacted with low drainage. It also tends to thrive in lawns that are neglected and have acidic soil. One of the best ways to prevent plantains is to keep your soil healthy and aerated.

No matter which weeds are plaguing your yard, Mesa Turf Masters can help you keep them at bay with our weed control programs. Contact us today to get started!