Have you had a chance to read our latest blog yet? If you have, then you already know that the best lawn care company in Vail, CO provided you with a couple of lawn mower maintenance tips to keep your lawn mower working as it should for as long as possible. The following is a list of a few more things  you should do to keep your lawn mower working like new:

  • Check your mower’s oil- Take a look at your mower’s oil. Is it dark black or are there debris floating in it? These are signs that the oil is contaminated or old, and it will need to be drained and replaced. Don’t forget to check your mower’s manual to determine what kind of oil you will need.
  • Clean your mower’s undercarriage- Your lawn mower’s discharge chute can quickly become clogged with caked in grass, so your mower’s undercarriage should be cleaned out regularly. Luckily, it doesn’t require too much elbow grease to clean. All you need is a wire brush to scrape away dirt and grass clippings and a hose to spray away any remaining debris.
  • Change your mower’s spark plugs- Just as you should change out the air filter every year, you should also change out the spark plugs. Spark plugs ensure that your mower is easy to start, and they are very inexpensive to replace.

Want to learn about the last couple of things that you should do to keep your lawn mower working like new? If so, stay tuned for our last blog regarding lawn care maintenance!