Don’t believe the myths about weeds!

There are so many myths about weeds out there, and our lawn care experts in Vail, CO have heard them all. Believing the myths about weeds will lead you astray and make your weed problem worse, but luckily, Mesa Turf Masters is here to help. If you haven’t already, check out our latest blog to learn about the first couple of weed control myths that we’ve gone over. Keep reading to learn about more weed control myths!

Common myths about weeds debunked:

  • The best time to control dandelions is when they start to flower – Each dandelion has the ability to produces hundreds of seeds, which are very easily spread. If you wait until the spring, when dandelions have already started to flower, it will be a futile task as many of the seeds have already started to spread. The best way to control dandelions is with preemergent weed control in the fall, that way you can kill them before they start spreading their seeds.
  • Weeds are ugly, but they aren’t actually harmful to your lawn – The true problem that is presented with weeds is the competition. Weeds steal vital water and nutrients away from your grass and other plants, and they can also multiply very quickly, which makes it even harder for your lawn to get what it needs.

Now that you know the truth about weed control myths, it is time to get your weeds taken care of by the best weed control company in all of Vail. Contact us today to get started!