In our latest blog, our lawn care experts in Vail went over a couple of tips for keeping the weeds out of your garden this spring. To recap, we’ve already talked about how tilling promotes weed germination and how mulching helps to prevent weeds from getting the sunlight that they need. The following is a list of our last few tips for preventing the weeds from popping up in your garden:

  • Plant wisely – Buying plants from a nursery is a great way to fill in your garden, but you should keep in mind that nursery pots can come with unwelcome guests. The longer a pot sits in a nursery, the more chance it will have for a weed seed to germinate in the pot along with the plant. Ensure that you watch out for hitchhikers, so that you don’t end up planting weeds in your garden, along with your new plants.
  • Fill up your garden – Although you want to give your plants enough room to spread out, the closer you plant them, the less room you are giving those pesky weeds. Encourage the roots of your plants to grow deep down instead of spread out by watering deeply and less often.
  • Turn to the experts – At Mesa Turf Masters, we not only provide weed control for your lawn, but we can keep the weeds out of your garden as well! Our non-turf weed control program is a six step process that can keep those relentless weeds out of your garden for good!

Contact us today to take the first step to preventing those annoying spring weeds.