When it comes to watering, not many people know that there is actually a right and a wrong way to do it. Watering your lawn too much can be just as bad as not watering it at all! At Mesa Turf Masters, our goal is to do everything that we can to help you to enjoy a healthy, beautiful lawn. That is why our lawn care experts in Vail have come up with the following guide for watering your lawn the right way:

  • The goal – In order for your lawn to grow a healthy root system that requires little maintenance even in the midst of the hottest days in the summer, you want to moisten your law at an approximate depth of four to six inches below the surface. You can check the moisture depth of your soil by inserting either a screwdriver or a soil probe into various spots of your lawn. The deeper the probe or screwdriver goes in, the more moisture depth you have in your soil.
  • Moisture stress – Moisture stress happens when your lawn isn’t getting enough water, and when you know the signs, you can watch out for it! Some of the signs of moisture stress include, wilting grass, grass that doesn’t bounce back after you walk on it and grass that is gray or blue when it should be bright green. On the flipside, you should also recognize grass that is watered too much. Over-watering leaves grass looking wilted, even though it feels wet to the touch.

Want to learn more tips about watering your lawn the right way? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog!