Did you get a chance to read our latest blog post yet? If you did, then you already know that snow can be a very good thing for your yard. Snow protects your grass from the wind, insulates it against the cold air, and forces all of those wonderful nutrients into the soil. Now that you know how important snow is for your yard, the next time it snows you won’t have to be bummed, you can be happy in knowing that your yard will look wonderful come spring! However, our lawn care professional in Vail, CO want you to know that playing in the snow may actually harm your yard!

There is nothing quite as much fun as building a snowman or an igloo or having a snowball fight, but unfortunately our favorite snow activities can be hard on our yards. That is because the cold air causes grass to become very brittle. When brittle grass gets stomped or played on, it can easily become crushed or broken, and unfortunately it can be pretty difficult for that grass to recover. This can leave you with brown patches and areas of dead grass when the spring finally comes. Moral of the story: go play in the snow at the park and let the snow work its magic on your own lawn!

Snow can do wonderful things for your lawn, but it can do more harm than good if you play in it too much! If you want your lawn to stay beautiful and healthy no matter what, turn to the experts over at Mesa Turf Masters! Contact us today to get started.