Does your otherwise beautiful lawn have unsightly brown spots?

Brown spots are unfortunate, but luckily, when you have our lawn care experts in Vail, CO on your side, correcting them is easier than ever! However, before you start taking steps to correct your brown spots, you need to understand what causes them. In our last blog, we talked about damage caused by people and by animals, but there is another very important thing that you should consider, growing conditions.

Damage caused by poor growing conditions:

  • Poor drainage – If your soil doesn’t drain properly, it can cause water to sit on the lawn, which will eventually¬†poison the roots and cause your grass to die off. Walk on your lawn, if you notice a squishing noise or there is a wet footprint in the lawn, then you have a drainage problem.
  • Compacted soil – If the soil is compacted, nutrients and water can’t reach the roots, which can cause your grass to starve and eventually die. You can test for compaction by inserting a screwdriver into the soil. If you have to force the screwdriver, your soil is compacted and you need to aerate.
  • Weeds – Weeds will usually beat out grass in the battle for nutrients and water, so if you have weeds in your lawn, don’t just ignore them, get rid of them!
  • Erosion – If you have hills and slopes in your yard, water can run off of them, taking young grass shoots and seeds with it. Aeration can be a great option for this situation because it helps to increase absorption.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about brown spots caused by pests and lawn diseases.