Not many people realize how dangerous lawn mowers actually are.

Lawn mowers can be incredibly dangerous; they have very sharp blades that spin at approximately 160 mph. Lawn mower accidents are far too common, and in fact, they are the leading cause of amputations among children, ages 10 and younger. Luckily, with a little knowledge and preparation, you can avoid many of the dangers that come with using a lawn mower. That is why our lawn care specialists in Vail, CO have come up with the following guide on lawn mower safety.

How to mow your lawn safely:

  • Pick up any debris from your yard that could become a projectile when run over by your mower.
  • Always wear adequate shoes, eye protection, hearing protection and long pants when mowing the lawn.
  • Refuel and start your lawn mower outdoors, on an even surface without grass, like a sidewalk or your driveway.
  • Any necessary blade adjustments should be made by an adult.
  • Equip your mower with an automatic shut-off device.
  • Avoid mowing on wet grass whenever possible.
  • Never mow backwards, especially if you are on a slope.
  • If you need to unclog the chute or remove the grass catcher, wait until the blades have completely stopped first.
  • Pay close attention to your surroundings the entire time you are mowing. Look out for any debris or bystanders.
  • Keep children and pets indoors while you are mowing the lawn.
  • Keep your lawn mower stored somewhere out of reach of children and pets.

Lawn mowers can be very dangerous, but knowing how to handle them properly can go a long way to keeping you safe. Do you have any questions or concerns about lawn mower safety? If so, contact us today!