Have you had a chance to read our latest blog yet? If you have, then you already know about a few tree care tips in Vail that will help to protect your home during a wildfire. To recap, we’ve already talked about trimming your trees, watching out for ladder fuels and removing any debris from your yard. The following is a list of the last few tips from our experts for creating a defensible space for your home during wildfire season:

  • Make sure you prune your trees to 10 feet above ground – Just as ladder fuels can cause a ground fire to spread to your trees, so can low hanging branches. That is why it is a good idea to prune your trees so that the branches are at least 10 feet above the ground.
  • Remove any unhealthy vegetation – Vegetation that is dead or dying will catch fire much more easily than healthy vegetation, so remove any unhealthy shrubs, trees or plant life from your property.
  • Thin out vegetation that is near your home – If there is vegetation near your home, ensure that it is trimmed, in good shape and free of dead branches.
  • Keep your gutters clear – Wind can cause embers to fly, and if there are lots of dead leaves in your gutters, it can quickly cause the fire to spread to your home. Ensure that your gutters are clear of dead leaves and other debris.

These are just a few of the many things that you can do to help to protect your home during wildfire season. If you need help trimming or removing troublesome trees, please contact us today!