Don’t be fooled by all of the rain that we’ve been having. 2015 has been a poor year for snow-pack, and although good planning has allowed our state to have plenty of water in storage, wildfire season is still a very real threat. Colorado is full of dry trees, shrubs, grass and other vegetation that provides ample fuel to the fire, but luckily, there is a way to protect your home during wildfire season by creating a defensible space. The following is a list of tips from our tree care professionals in Grand Junction on creating a defensible space:

  • Trim your trees – Trim away any branches that are within 10 feet of your chimney or that extend over your home’s roof. You should also make sure that your trees are both thinned and trimmed to allow for a space of at least 10 feet between their crowns. If your trees are too close together, a fire could spread much more easily, but if you already have groups of trees, it’s okay as long as they are separated from other trees.
  • Watch out for “ladder fuels” – A ladder fuel will encourage the fire to travel up a tree, which could turn a ground fire into a much bigger problem. Potential ladder fuels include shrubs and smaller trees that stand beneath your large trees.
  • Ensure that the waste is removed from your yard – Once you have trimmed and thinned your trees, remove all of the evidence. Debris can quickly dry out and become the perfect fuel for the fire.

Want to learn about more ways tree care can help you to create a defensible space for your home? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.