There is nothing quite as pleasant as a cool, shady yard in the summertime. Trees are incredibly beautiful, and they add quite a bit to our yards, but unfortunately, if your lawn has too much shade, it could be causing more harm than good. As a general rule, approximately eight hours of sunshine every day is required for grass to thrive. Keep in mind that while this is true in most cases, some grass can survive on as little as four hours of sunlight each day. Regardless, turning to your tree care experts in Grand Junction could keep your lawn healthy!

Our talented team has what it takes to keep your trees trimmed and in great shape. Not only will trimming your trees allow them to flourish, but it will also allow your lawn to get more of that direct sunlight that it needs to thrive. The great news is that sunlight isn’t the only benefit to your yard! Thinner foliage in your trees will also allow more rainfall to get to your grass. Sunlight and rainfall are the two things your grass needs the most, and if you have an overly shady yard, the best way to get them is by keeping your tress properly trimmed.

Although having a shady, cool yard is wonderful in the summertime, it could also be preventing your grass from being as healthy as it could be. Let your grass thrive with the optimal amount of sunshine and rainfall by turning to Mesa Turf Masters for the tree care you need in Grand Junction. Visit our site today to learn more!