If your property has trees, it is your job to ensure that they are nourished, maintained and healthy, but unfortunately, not all home owners know how to do this themselves. If this sounds like you then you need the tree care experts from Mesa Turf Masters on your side. There is no better way to keep your trees healthy and beautiful than with professional tree care in Grand Junction. Although every tree could use a professional to be as healthy as possible, its not always an essential. However, there are some circumstances where you definitely need professional tree care. The following is a list of signs that your trees need professional care:

  • Dead branches – Falling branches pose a dangerous threat to your safety and your home. Not only can dead branches cause a lot of damage when they fall, but if you leave them intact, they can spread decay to the otherwise healthy parts of your tree.
  • No leaves sprout in the spring – It is almost impossible to spot a dead tree in the winter, but once the spring comes around, watch out for trees that don’t sprout leaves. This is an indicator that the tree is dead.
  • Bark that is loose or missing – Bark is the protective layer on a tree, and if it is loose, missing or damaged on one of your trees, you should call a professional as soon as possible. Without the bark, the tree will be much more vulnerable to things like disease and insect infestation.

Want to learn about more common signs that you need professional tree care? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog!