Do you have a hazardous tree?

If so, it is time to turn to Mesa Turf Masters, your go-to tree care professional in Vail, CO. A hazardous tree is one that is in danger of falling and hurting either your home, your pet or your family. In our last blog, we went over a few signs that your tree is hazardous and needs to be removed. To recap, our experts have already talked about a tree that suddenly leans, visible roots that are damaged or decayed and small branches and sprouts that have emerged from the trunk of the tree. The following is a few more signs that your tree needs to be removed:

#4. The trunk of the tree has been compromised.

Have you noticed cavities, cracks or bald spots on the tree’s trunk? If so, you need to get your tree inspected right away because this is often a big warning sign that the tree isn’t structurally sound anymore. Your tree care professional should be able to determine if the tree is able to sustain the compromised trunk or if it needs to be removed.

#5. The tree has sustained extensive damage. 

A tree can survive for many years, even if it is in decline, but if over 50% of it has been damaged, it is considered to be hazardous and should be removed.

#6. The tree’s trunk is hollow.

Not many people realize it, but a tree’s life source is actually located in the edges of the trunk, but a hollowed out trunk is hazardous because it compromises the strength of the tree.

If you have a hazardous tree, don’t put your home, pets and family at risk! Contact us today to get it taken care of.