If you have had the opportunity to read our latest blog, then you already know that pruning your trees is very important for many reasons! Pruning keeps your trees healthy and it keeps you, your family and your home safe from falling branches! Although you can do pruning on your own, your best bet is to let the professionals at Mesa Turf Masters handle it for you. Our tree care experts in Vail, CO, not only know how to prune properly, but they can tell you when your trees need to be pruned as well! There are four types of pruning that your trees may benefit from:

  • Standard Pruning – Standard pruning is used to enhance your tree’s structure for optimal growth and health, and in most cases, it requires heavy cutting to get the job done.
  • Fine Pruning – Fine pruning is mostly about the appearance of your tree. With fine pruning, small limbs are removed.
  • Hazard Pruning – When your tree poses a safety concern, it is considered to be hazardous. Hazard Pruning removes branches that may fall and cause injury to you or your  home. Branches that are typically removed with hazardous pruning are more than two inches in diameter.
  • Crown Reduction Pruning – If your trees have significant damage from a storm, die-back or you have branches that are interfering with power lines, you need crown reduction pruning. With crown reduction pruning, major branches are removed, but you should never have more than a third of your tree’s crown removed.

If your trees are due for tree care, please contact us today to schedule your appointment!