Trees are a valuable addition to any property!

Unfortunately, not many people give a second thought to their trees. Trees are more than just something nice to look at, they come with a plethora of benefits for the environment, your property and even your pocketbook! At Mesa Turf Masters, we provide professional tree care in Grand Junction to help you keep your trees healthy and flourishing. Our experts have come up with the following list of the many reasons why trees are beneficial for your property:

#1. Trees protect your home from the elements. 

Trees help to deflect heavy winds, provide shade during the hot summer and absorb rainfall. They also slow soil erosion, reduce the impact of floods and help to filter out harmful toxins in the air, like smoke, ash, dust and carbon dioxide.

#2. Trees lessen your impact on the ecosystem.

Trees provide a home for many local, wild creatures around your home, which lessens your impact on the ecosystem you live in. The trees that are most likely to house wild animals are the ones on the outskirts of your property.

#3. Trees help to make your home more energy efficient. 

Not many people realize it, but well-placed trees can actually help to lower your energy costs. In the summer, the shade that trees provide can keep your house cooler, which makes you less reliant on an air conditioner. In the winter, trees protect your home from cold winds, which makes your heater more efficient.

Want to learn more benefits of having trees on your property? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.