Installing sod for your lawn
Rolled sod for new lawn

Fall is a great time to start a cool-season lawn or patch existing turf with sod. The moderate temperatures and extra moisture help to get sod off to a quick start. High-quality sod will be thick, dense, and weed-free. It’s a convenient way to get an instant lawn or patch dead spots. Sod is an instant fix and, when properly installed it eliminates problems with weeds. And you can lay it almost any time during the growing season.

High-quality, professionally raised sod is dense from the outset and is usually weed-free. You can find sod in several of the most common grasses for western Colorado.

Before planting, prepare the soil. Adding organic matter to the soil will help retain moisture and offer better drainage. You may want to aerate it to help with water absorption. Once the sod is planted, you will want to make sure you get water to penetrate 6 inches below the sod. This helps to encourage roots to grow as deeply as they can to take root and stay healthy. Make sure to water the seams between pieces of sod and the edges along walks and drives to make sure don’t dry out.