Fertilization: Grand Junction

grand junction lawn fertilizationNo two lawns are the same, so the technique we use to fertilize should never be identical either. Our Grand Junction fertilization services work to provide you with the right amount of nutrition without being overwhelming so you can be sure of a lawn that is exactly what you need. Holding up to the elevation and the heat, we want your grass to be strong.

In Grand Junction, the elevation combines with an arid climate to starve your grass not only of its nutrients, but also of the moisture and oxygen it needs to really thrive like it does at lower elevations. Because of this, the techniques we use to fertilize require a gentle and keen touch, providing your lawn with moisture and oxygen-rich nutrients without over-stimulating it. We do this by carefully evaluating your lawn and the nutrients it’s lacking and then customize our lawn fertilizer products to provide an efficient, effective care. We also will evaluate when to fertilize your lawn to maximize the benefits these products provide.

No matter what product we use, our fertilization works toward one goal: strengthening your lawn, making it richer, fuller and greener, even in the thin and dry climate of Grand Junction.