Seeding/Renovations: Grand Junction

seedingOver time lawns will naturally thin themselves out due to various stresses such as weeds, insects, and weather. In Grand Junction specifically, lawns tend to wear out due to lack of nutrients.

Our process starts with breaking down the thatch layer and loosening the soil compaction. In this way, water and nutrients can reach deep down into the root system of your grass. To follow up, we apply a premium seed to help thicken up the lawn and restore it to a healthy state. When your soil is healthy and your grass is luscious, your lawn will look spectacular.

All of our services come with an online, interactive billing software to provide you with a custom invoice available in real – time. In this way, we offer you an accessible online payment and service requests with a 24 hour response time available to you. We call ahead before we visit and are always respectful of your property. Contact us today and see how we can help you enjoy your yard again.