Weed Control: Grand Junction


Different weeds respond differently to treatments, and the causes of the pesky plants springing up have a variety of sources which ultimately stem from the soil’s health. From lack of nutrients or water, to the soil being too compacted or too watered, our goal is to get rid of the weeds and then work on improving the soil’s health so they don’t come back.

Grand Junction is a beautiful city nestled in the Rockies, but this beauty comes with a small price. Due to the high elevation and the arid climate, soil here is less fertile than at sea level, with fewer nutrients and less opportunity for water and oxygen. Because of this, we tend to see the hardier weeds who seem resilient to most treatments and grow back just when you think you’ve pulled the last one.

Because the kinds of weeds and their durability are different in Grand Junction than they are in other parts of Colorado, we tailor our weed control to the demands of the lawn and area we are servicing. We do this by first getting the weed problem under control with quality weed killers tailored to your lawn and then we address the soil’s problems by giving it adequate nutrition to ensure the grass grows strong and thick and able to fight off any future weeds. Dedicated to serving you, we treat difficult to control weeds at no extra charge.

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