Non-Turf Weed Control: Grand Junction

new_cta2v3From your flower beds to a parking lot, weeds can show up anywhere, because they require less nutrition than your average plant. Thriving in places where there is no competition for resources, non-turf weeds are especially resilient, and can be tough to manage. At Mesa Turf Masters, we have the equipment and techniques necessary to put weeds in their place. Just call us the weed police.

For bedded areas and areas with rock or bark, we use a 6-step process that begins with a pre-emergent weed removal program. Involving weed spray specifically designed for rocks and non-turf areas, we stop weeds before they start growing and then continue to treat the areas throughout the season. This program typically begins in the spring, when weeds and grass alike get most of their nutrients from the spring melt and rain.

Contact us now and find out how we have the best in non-turf weed spraying and how we tailor our programs to meet your needs. It’s time to have a weed-free landscape. Get your free estimate today!