Your lawn is in a constant state of change. From season to season and year to year, it is under constant attack by weather, disease, insects, and so much more, which are problems renewed with each season, especially in Eagle County. We know that it can be tough at higher elevations, with colder weather and increased snowfall, to grow a lawn that you can be proud of. Our 6-step fertilization process will help you get there:

  1. Spring – promote new growth
  2. Late Spring – insect and disease control
  3. Summer – insect and disease control
  4. Late Summer – insect and disease control
  5. Fall – repair damage from summer stress
  6. Winter – dormant oil spray for insect, egg, and fungal spore control

Weed Control

The weeds in the Vail Valley and in Eagle County (Eagle and Gypsum) are different from those in Grand Junction, and so our approach to weed control should not be the same either. We understand that not only your weather conditions, but your lawn is also unique, and deserves a treatment plan tailored to its needs. For many lawns, we recommend our 3-application lawn care program, which consists of a balanced, slow-release nitrogen product with micro nutrients, so your grass has what it needs to fight the weeds. We also apply a post-emergent weed control product, according to the weeds your lawn is struggling with.

Native/Noxious Weed Control

Eagle County, and in the Vail Valley in particular, has had many problems with noxious weeds over the past decade. The problem we are finding is that the weeds, which are resilient as they are, are spreading faster than many can control. However, with our services, we are happy to join in the cause to rid Vail Valley and Eagle County or noxious weeds. Contact us today if you are worried about a certain weed on your property, and we can help.

Tree Care Services

The mountains are beautiful, with their décor of Aspens, Spruces and Pines peppered throughout the valley. However, with these types of trees comes certain pests which not only begin to destroy the trees, but spread from branch to branch quickly and quietly. To combat this issue, we have programs which specifically target the known pests which harm trees in the Vail Valley:

Spruce Tree Program targets:

  • White Pine Weevil
  • Cooley Spruce Gall
  • Ips Beetle
  • Spider Mites
  • Needle Miners

Aspen Tree Program targets:

  • Fungus Issues
  • Aphids

Scale Applications targets

  • Pine Needle Scale, which affects both Pine and Spruce trees


Patchy, weedy lawns are a common problem, especially at high elevations, where the soil lacks the nutrients needed to grow thick, healthy grass. When watering and your usual techniques just can’t bring your turf back from the dead, contact us for our seeding and renovation services.

Working to eliminate soil compaction and thatching problems, we liquid aerate the lawn, remove the thatch and loosen the top soil, then plant new seed, according to the lawn you have and the area you are in. After laying the seed, we apply one of our fantastic fertilizers to make sure the soil has the nutrients it needs to grow the luscious grass you want.

We have an online, interactive billing software to provide you with a custom invoice available in real-time. By offering offer you an accessible online payment and service requests with a 24 hour response time, we can effectively serve you. We call ahead before we visit and are always respectful of your property. Contact us today and see how we can help you enjoy your yard again.