Your lawn is in a constant state of change. From season to season and year to year, it is under attack by various weeds, weather, disease, insects and so much more, which are problems renewed with each season, especially in the Vail Valley. We know that it can be tough at higher elevations, with colder weather and increased snowfall to grow a lawn that you can be proud of. Our fertilization/weed control programs, which consist of a balanced blend of nutrients and post emergent weed control will help get you there.

Liquid Aeration

Soil compaction is one of the leading causes of poor health in lawns. Compacted soil restricts the flow of water and nutrients into the ground, directly effecting the health of your turf. When liquid aeration is applied to the lawn it expands and creates microscopic channels. These channels provide the root system with a place to expand. They also provide the soil with better water and oxygen penetration, creating a healthier environment for your lawn to thrive.

With SoilTech, our liquid aeration is able to reach the entire area, a feat that mechanical aeration just cannot compare with. It is also an application that works so well, that it only needs an annually or bi-annually application, unlike many others who need reapplication every month or so. Covering almost 97% more area than mechanical aeration and more lasting than other treatments, see why our liquid aeration program is the leading eco-friendly, effective solution to soil compaction, and get your grass back with the lawn care Vail Valley and Eagle County trusts.