The mountains are beautiful, with their décor of aspens, spruces and pines peppered throughout the valley. While we love our Colorado trees and shrubs, but they need so much more attention than we typically give them to truly thrive.

With these types of trees in the mountain climate, there comes certain pests which not only begin to destroy the trees, but spread from branch to branch quickly and quietly, becoming silent killers that can easily take over an entire yard in a matter of months. To combat this issue, we have designed programs which specifically target the known pests which harm trees in the Vail Valley, Eagle County, and the surrounding areas.

Spruce Tree Program targets:

  • White Pine Weevil
  • Cooley Spruce Gall
  • Ips Beetle
  • Spider Mites
  • Needle Miners

Aspen Tree Program targets:

  • Fungus Issues
  • Aphids

Scale Applications targets

  • Pine Needle Scale, which affects both Pine and Spruce trees

Get the protection your trees and shrubs need, and help them thrive. In addition to our remarkable programs, we offer pruning and deep root feeding, in order to make your landscape look spectacular—season after season. Call us today with questions, and get your free estimate to start giving you trees and shrubs the help they need!