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Tips to Help Protect Your Lawn During the Winter

You have worked so hard all spring and summer to groom and water your lawn. Having a lush green yard makes your house look great. As you prepare for winter you may wonder what you can do to help protect your yard. Here are some simple tips that will help for your spring season to bring back that lush green lawn again.

  1. You will want to aerate, fertilize and mow your lawn before the first freeze. This will provide nutrients for your lawn in the early spring and the short grasses will help avoid mice finding a nice warm place to make a home.
  2. Keep it clean. Leaving items on the lawn during the winter months will create dead spots in the spring. Any Lawn furniture, toys or debris can become weighted down, leaving impressions and dead spots that will be harder to correct in the spring. Taking a quick sweep of the yard to make sure it is clear of any objects can save you time, money, and frustration later.
  3. “Stay off the grass!” Avoid walking on the lawn during the winter. Each step you take you wear a path in the lawn. Most grasses are resilient to traffic, but you don’t want to work harder and neither should your lawn come springtime. Also as the winter brings cold and snow it also brings family and more visitors. Never allow anyone to park on your lawn. This would be the fastest way to kill that lawn you worked so hard to maintain. Dead grass spots are an invitation for crabgrass and other weeds that will ruin any lawn.