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Mesa Turf Masters, LLC: Fruita's Premier Lawn Care Company

Shrub tree care

When it comes to getting quality service, count on Mesa Turf Masters, LLC. The best way to ensure you get the services you need is for our Fruita lawn care company to work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your landscape. We send an experienced technician to your property for a free estimate and consultation.

From there, our technician will partner with you to help you plan a successful lawn care program. We want you to fully enjoy every aspect of your Fruita property, whether it's residential or commercial!

We make sure to send the same technician, and every member of our team is trustworthy and dedicated to your satisfaction. Let's get started on your program today!

Lawn Care Solutions

We're pro-active when it comes to helping you with lawn care and weed control services for your Fruita property. In addition to helping you with the regular maintenance, our lawn care company offers fertilization and weed control programs to keep your turf, trees, and shrubs healthy.

We know that every weed species responds differently to weed control programs, and these unwanted plants spring up in a variety of places. Ultimately, weeds grow where the soil allows them too, where it lacks nutrients or water, is too compacted, or is over-watered.

In the end, we work to get rid of the weeds and then work to improve the soil's health, so the weed control program works well for you.

  • Pre-emergent applications non-selective and broadleaf weed control during the spring season.
  • Spot-spraying weed treatments after the pre-emergent application.
  • Sending you the same technician to regularly treat your lawn.
  • Improving the soil's health by using adequate nutrients to ensure grass grows strong and can fight off future weeds.
  • Providing our Lawn Disease control service.
  • Service calls between visits when necessary.

Irrigation Repair and Installation

Mesa Turf Masters, LLC brings our many years of experience in residential and commercial irrigation systems to help you with irrigation repair and installation. Our pros have the right tools, equipment, and expertise to get the job done so that there are no worries with your sprinkler system later. Our work is guaranteed, and we use quality parts and equipment.

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