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Improve The Health Of Your Grand Junction Lawn With Aeration And Seeding

Aeration seeding

Our reliable Grand Junction lawn care company has been providing lawn care services in Western Colorado for decades. Our high-quality aeration and seeding services are two of the best ways in which we help customers to improve the health and longevity of their lawns.

Our no-contract requirements and eco-friendly aeration techniques and products make us a clear choice when you need to hire a professional for lawn care in Grand Junction or the surrounding areas.

Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with because our complete range of services, including irrigation repair and install, can always be combined with others.

Aeration Services For Homes And Businesses

  • Basic - Our basic service improves water drainage and aerates the soil, reduces thatch buildup, and increases the water and nutrient supply the grass needs to thrive. Ask about a program to maintain the health and look of the current growth.
  • Regular Renovation - An aeration and overseeding package to increase the density of the turf and offer a fuller, lusher look.
  • Deluxe Renovation - Are you getting stressed out because the health of your lawn has been going downhill? Our deluxe renovation package focuses on restoring the health and volume of your grass. The aerating, overseeding, and slit seeding we do helps to germinate seeds and increase the overall health and look of your lawn.

Liquid Aeration - The Best Solution For Soil Compaction Problems

You'll soon see why our liquid aeration program is the leading eco-friendly, effective solution to soil compaction problems in the Grand Junction area. It covers almost 97% more area and works so much better that it only needs an annual or bi-annual application. Ask us about our liquid aeration with SoilTech today!

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