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Repair Your Nutrient Deficient Grand Junction Lawn With Lawn Care Fertilization

Lawn care fertilization

If you own property in Grand Junction, you already know that lawn care fertilization keeps the grass healthy and thriving. More than often than not, the earth won't contain the nutrients your lawn needs to stay healthy, so without the extra effort it takes to replenish the nutrients in the soil, you'll struggle with growing grass, shrubs, and trees.

It's essential to offer you the specialized services you need to keep your turf and the rest of your landscape healthy and beautiful. Our top-notch Grand Junction lawn care company can make sure to provide our services at just the right time in the season.

Since every landscape is different in Grand Junction, our lawn care fertilization services are adjusted to fit your lawn's exact needs. To accomplish the goals, we break down our services into two main applications during the year to keep your grass lush and healthy throughout all seasons.

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Lawn Care Fertilization Programs

Our seasonal and local-specific approach to addressing problems with your Grand Junction lawn is what helps us to solve the issues you're currently having. Our lawn care fertilization treatments will give you the best results!

We start by providing an analysis so that we can apply a unique lawn care fertilization service that is best for the needs of your sod. We use a slow-release fertilizer, which continuously replenishes nutrients. It will help keep the lawn healthy over the long-term.

Soil Injected fertilization treatments give your trees and shrubs an extra nutrient boost. We make a blend of high-performance nutrients and fertilizers and inject it into the ground to promote foliar growth, root establishment, and strength.

Our other services, such as aeration and seeding, are also designed to promote the overall health of your turf. In fact, our multi-faceted approach to caring for your landscape will keep it healthy, gorgeous, and lush all year long!

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