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Tree and Shrub Care in Grand Junction

Shrub tree care

Trees and shrubs can make your Colorado property look picture-perfect, or they can turn it into an overgrown nightmare.Fortunately, home and business owners in Grand Junction and our other service areas can rely on Mesa Turf Masters, LLC for professional tree care.

It's easy to forget that your trees and shrubs need to be trimmed, fertilized, and treated for insects on a seasonal basis. The seasons pass quickly, and it only takes a short amount of time for the foliage to become overgrown. Once it does, the pests and diseases are more likely to take over.

Give our exceptional Grand Junction lawn care company a call if you need help keeping up with the tree care or ornamental shrub care. We know just what to do to ensure they stay healthy and neat-looking all year long.

Shrub Care

In addition to tree care, we provide comprehensive shrub care services. You may need trimming, weed control around the hedges, insect management, fertilization, planting, and other services. Our focus is to promote the overall health of your bushes and shrubs by preventing pests and diseases. Our tree and shrub care technology is top-of-the-line, allowing us to offer environmentally-friendly solutions that produce the best results!

Insect Management

We can give you the specialized tree care services you need to keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful! Our dual approach to insect management ensures the overall health of your landscape.

We target the specific insect species you're yard is susceptible to and develop an appropriate program of insect management. For instance, our insecticides can repel white pine weevils, Ips beetles, spider mites, aphids, and other insects. We can also treat diseases such as pine-needle scale, fungus, and other common tree diseases.

Soil Injected Product Technology

When you've neglected the regular care needs of your trees and shrubs, it may be necessary to take a more aggressive fertilization approach to save them. We inject a blend of high-end fertilizers and nutrients into the soil to stimulate foliage growth and root development. Soil injection is the quickest and best way to encourage healthy tree and shrub growth.

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