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No Need To Weed With Expert Grand Junction Weed Control

Weed control

Our experienced lawn care company in Grand Junction begins our weed control services by ridding your yard of its existing weeds. Attacking the weeds before they take over your lawn is essential to give you the beautiful and well-kept property you want.

Different species can appear in any number of places, so it's essential to develop a good weed control program. Once we apply the initial treatment, we turn our focus on keeping them from taking root.

With a pre-emergent weed control spring treatment, followed by a seasonally-tailored program, you'll have the best chance to grow a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Once the weeds take hold, they never seem to go away! With our professional weed control and other lawn care services, we can break the never-ending cycle of managing the issue for you.

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Noxious Weed Control

Some species of weeds are known for their invasive and aggressive spreading patterns. Noxious weed control targets the species and growing habits of the unwanted plants in your yard to get rid of them for good!

We use a pre-emergent treatment with broadleaf weed control and an anti-flowering agent. This approach allows us to keep the issue at bay. We can also provide a non-turf weed control treatment for all the rock or bark areas of your property.

Non-Turf Spraying

Weeds that grow between rocks and other non-turf areas are hard to control. They can be exceptionally resilient and difficult to manage, but not to worry because our technicians have the training and experience to make sure they stay under control.

We utilize a six-step non-turf spraying process that begins with pre-emergent treatments followed by spraying throughout the season with a specially formulated treatment to target the species growing in these rocky areas.

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