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Over 25 Years Providing Local Lawn Care in Edwards

We know how difficult it is to find the time to create and maintain a beautiful lawn. Why not let the Edwards lawn care experts at Mesa Turf Masters handle it?

The Mesa Turf Difference

We work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your landscape and partner with you to help you fully enjoy every aspect of your property.

Locally Owned & Operated

As a locally owned company, you’ll always know the technician coming to your home. Our team is trustworthy and dedicated to your satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to love your yard, so we guarantee our services 100%. If you’re not happy, neither are we! We’ll continue to work until you are satisfied.

Great service! Management has responded personally to my home for concerns, unprompted, just because they care.

Grand Junction

Lawn Care in Edwards

Our lawn care company in Edwards has been helping homeowners keep their grass vibrant and green since 1992, and you can feel confident knowing that you’re just not another stop on our route. Our customers are also our friends and neighbors, and our team will care for your landscape with the same care they’d give their own backyard.

Local Lawn Care Service You Can Count On

Here in Colorado, we’re used to hot and dry summer days, and without the right blend of nutrients and TLC, your lawn can fall prey to harsh weather conditions, insect damage, or disease. We know that a healthy lawn starts with a healthy foundation. That’s why we’ve designed our full-service Edwards lawn care program to provide what your lawn needs most at each point in the season:

  • Slow-release fertilizers to address deficiencies in your soil
  • Formulas to protect against disease or insect damage
  • Fall fertilization, custom-blended to strengthen the roots of your grass and prepare your lawn for winter
  • And more!

Lawn Care, Customized Just For You

Your lawn is different from any other. Even your next-door neighbors may have fundamentally different soil, grasses, shrubs, and problem areas in their landscape. At Mesa Turf Masters, we believe in treating each lawn with a custom approach, so you get exactly what your lawn needs when it needs it most. Our Edwards lawn care team are experts at building thicker, healthier turf and keeping it that way, year-round.

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Weed Control in Edwards

No matter how hard you try to pull weeds that pop up in the spring, they never seem to go away! Weeds aren’t just unsightly; they can actually starve your flowers, trees, and shrubs of the water and nutrients they need. If weeds have a tendency to take over your flower beds or pop up along the pavement year after year, it’s time for a solution that will stick! Mesa Turf Masters has the tools and techniques it takes to keep your lawn weed-free and disease-free. For more than 25 years, we’ve been providing weed control service in Edwards and preventing weeds from growing throughout spring and summer.

Year-Round Protection

When you add weed control to your complete lawn care program, you’ll get pre-emergent weed control application that stops grass weeds, broadleaf weeds, and warm and cool-season weeds before they can even take root. Our first application will take place in early spring. We carefully target spaces in your landscape, spot-treating rock, dirt, and mulch where weeds are common. Whether your garden is plagued by annual or perennial weed species, our seasonal herbicide formulas will protect your lawn all year long.

We know you’re busy – so for your convenience, we’ll schedule your weed control service in Edwards to coincide with your regular lawn treatments!

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Tree and Shrub Care in Edwards

Is your landscape making the right first impression? Without the right nutrition and protection, your trees and shrubs can deteriorate quickly, damaging your curb appeal and property value. Proper care is the key to a thriving yard, and it’s a crucial step in preventing irreversible damage from Emerald Ash Borers or Iron Chlorosis.

Mesa Turf Masters offers the best tree and shrub care service in Edwards, designed to give your ornamentals what they need to stay healthy all year long. This includes:

  • Soil injections that put organic nutrients right into the root feeder zone
  • Formulas that encourage foliar growth and healthy roots
  • Desiccants and other protection from harsh weather
  • Integrated pest management to prevent insect damage

Our tree care experts are all certified professionals, and we conduct regular training to keep their skills sharp so that they’ll know how best to care for the trees and shrubs in your landscape.

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Over 25 Years of Providing the Best Care

You’ve got important stuff to do, and at Mesa Turf Masters, we understand that. We’ve designed our services with you in mind - from using effective formulas that won’t put your family or pets at risk to designing our programs to be as hassle-free as possible.

With our Edwards tree and shrub care, you’ll also benefit from:

  • A two-day call-ahead policy, so you will know exactly when to expect us
  • Detailed communication if anything about your program changes
  • Friendly, courteous technicians
  • Our service quality guarantee - meaning if you spot problems with your lawn between regularly scheduled treatments, we’ll come out to fix it at no additional cost to you!

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Aeration & Seeding in Edwards

You can’t build a strong lawn on a weak foundation. Our lawn care in Edwards starts by addressing the nutritional deficiencies of your soil, using fertilizer blends to strengthen your grass from root to tip; but sometimes lawns need to be freshened up! We offer aeration and seeding in Edwards to improve the health of your lawn year-round.

We offer three Edwards aeration and seeding options:

  • Liquid Aeration in Edwards - punching through built-up layers of thatch and matters in your lawn, giving your grassroots access to water, nutrients, and air.
  • Regular Lawn Renovation in Edwards - Aeration, plus overseeding to fill in bare patches and give you healthier, thicker grass coverage before winter dormancy.
  • Deluxe Lawn Renovation in Edwards - Aeration, overseeding, and slit seeding to renovate a damaged lawn, giving you a fresh lawn of thick, healthy grass.

Don’t give up on your tired lawn. With liquid aeration in Edwards, from any one of our Edwards aeration and seeding packages, you can restore the health and vitality of your grass.

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Get The Gorgeous Lawn You Want Without Breaking a Sweat

Don’t put off getting the lawn of your dreams for another year! At Mesa Turf Masters, we’ve been offering the best quality of lawn services in Edwards with options to meet every budget.

Since 1992, we’ve worked to deliver results matched with outstanding customer service. We take a lot of pride in our team of lawn care experts who are always ready go above and beyond to provide the exceptional service our customers deserve.

Whether you need a reliable program that will give you healthier, thicker grass, expert tree and shrub care, weed control, or more, Mesa Turf Masters can help!

Don’t waste one more weekend!

Mesa Turf Masters has a proven track record of building beautiful backyards – so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.  


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