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Over 25 Years Providing Local Lawn Care in Fruita

Your lawn is the first thing people see when they arrive at your house. What is your lawn saying about you? Get the best looking lawn on the block with our comprehensive lawn care services in Fruita!

The Mesa Turf Difference

We work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your landscape and partner with you to help you fully enjoy every aspect of your property.

Locally Owned & Operated

As a locally owned company, you’ll always know the technician coming to your home. Our team is trustworthy and dedicated to your satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to love your yard, so we guarantee our services 100%. If you’re not happy, neither are we! We’ll continue to work until you are satisfied.

We have the best-looking yard in our neighborhood thanks to Mesa Turf Masters! We still have green grass that lasted throughout the winter. Definitely worth the price! Thank you, guys!


Lawn Care in Fruita

We understand that it’s difficult to find time to maintain thick, healthy, green grass in your lawn. Fortunately, our team of local lawn care experts provides full-service lawn care in Fruita so you can invest your free time elsewhere! We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your healthy and vibrant lawn. If you’re ready to have a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of, Mesa Turf Masters has what it takes to keep your lawn looking its best.

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Your Trusted Local Lawn Care Experts

When you partner with Mesa Turf Masters for lawn care in Fruita, you get more than just a lawn care company! We believe in utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry so homeowners like you are guaranteed to receive the best results possible from our lawn care services. We want you to know that you’re more than just an account number to us. We live and work in the same community you do, so you’re our neighbor. When you put your lawn in the hands of our trusted team, we’ll treat it as if it were our own. Experience the difference of Mesa Turf Masters and our lawn care services in Fruita today!

Fertilization Services for Healthier, Stronger Grass

No two lawns are the same, so your fertilization treatment should never be the same either! When you choose us for your lawn fertilization in Fruita, we’ll evaluate the current state of your lawn to determine what nutrients it’s lacking to ensure we’re providing it with exactly what it needs to thrive. Once we’ve identified your needs, we’ll put together a custom treatment plan to provide your lawn with the right amount of nutrition it needs to hold up to the elevation and the heat.

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Weed Control in Fruita

We’re passionate about lawn care and we want homeowners like you to be able to enjoy your lawn - without weeds! That’s why we offer weed control service in Fruita. Every weed responds differently to weed control treatments, and the causes of these pesky plants springing up have a variety of sources which ultimately stem from the soil’s health. From lack of nutrients or water to the soil being too compacted or too watered, our goal is to get rid of the weeds and then work on improving the soil’s health so they don’t come back. Our weed control service in Fruita includes:

  • Pre-emergent applications with non-selective and broadleaf weed control in the springtime 
  • “Spot spray” treatments following the pre-emergent application with seasonally tailored herbicides 
  • Service from the same technician who regularly treats your lawn
  • Addressing your soil’s health by providing adequate nutrients to ensure grass grows strong and is able to fight off future weeds, and running our Fruita Lawn Disease control service
  • Free service calls between visits when necessary

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Non-Turf Weed Control In Fruita

From your flower beds to a parking lot, weeds can show up anywhere because they require less nutrition than your average plant. Thriving in places where there is no competition for resources, non-turf weeds are especially resilient and can be tough to manage. At Mesa Turf Masters, we have the equipment and techniques necessary to put non-turf weeds in their place.

For bedded areas and areas with rock or bark, we use our proven process that begins with a pre-emergent weed removal program. Our weed spray is specifically designed for rocks and non-turf areas to provide customized, targeted treatments for your specific needs. Our non-turf weed control in Fruita stops weeds before they start growing and continues to treat your landscape throughout the season.

Tree and Shrub Care in Fruita

Tree and shrub care is a service that is often overlooked by homeowners, but keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is key when it comes to proper landscape management. Here at Mesa Turf Masters, our tree and shrub care in Fruita provides your ornamentals with the nutrients and care they need to grow and thrive in our Colorado climate year-round, all while being mindful of our impact on the environment. For healthier trees and shrubs, trust your team of local experts at Mesa Turf Masters!

When you choose us for your tree and shrub care, you can expect:

  • Professional service from a friendly and knowledge technician
  • Use of the most advanced product technologies in the industry
  • Eco-friendly treatments, including a blend of nutrients and fertilizers to maximize foliar growth and root strength
  • Protection from a broad variety of problematic insects 
  • Guaranteed results you can count on

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Aeration and Seeding in Fruita

Has the Colorado sun taken a toll on your lawn? Over time, lawns will naturally begin to thin due to various stresses such as weeds, insects, foot traffic, and weather. If your lawn is looking a little worse for the wear, the experts at Mesa Turf Masters can help! Our professional aeration and seeding services in Fruita give your lawn the extra boost it needs to grow healthy and strong all year long!

The Secret to Healthy and Vibrant Lawn

Throughout the year, your soil becomes more compact, making it hard for sun, water, and other necessary nutrients to get to your lawn’s roots. Our Fruita liquid aeration process starts with breaking down the thatch layer and loosening the soil compaction of your lawn so water and nutrients can reach deep down into the root system of your grass. We then apply a premium seed to help thicken your lawn and restore it to a healthy state. The end result? A healthy, lush lawn for you and your family to enjoy all season long! For a beautiful lawn year-round, lawn aeration and seeding in Fruita is your best bet.

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Our Promise: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve been providing exceptional customer service and quality lawn care in our community since 1992. Our licensed team of local technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to you and your lawn. We’re so confident in our Fruita lawn services that we back each of our treatments with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of our services, simply give us a call and we’ll return to re-treat your lawn, absolutely free. Experience the difference of Mesa Turf Masters today!

Ready to kick weeds to the curb and enjoy your lawn instead?

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