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Over 25 Years Providing Local Lawn Care in Montrose

You have worked hard to create a beautiful home, why should your lawn receive any less effort? Mesa Turf Masters is ready to give you your best looking lawn today with expert lawn care and maintenance!

The Mesa Turf Difference

We work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your landscape and partner with you to help you fully enjoy every aspect of your property.

Locally Owned & Operated

As a locally owned company, you’ll always know the technician coming to your home. Our team is trustworthy and dedicated to your satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to love your yard, so we guarantee our services 100%. If you’re not happy, neither are we! We’ll continue to work until you are satisfied.

Great service! Management has responded personally to my home for concerns, unprompted, just because they care.

Grand Junction

Lawn Care in Montrose

Creating and maintaining a lush and beautiful lawn can be hard work. Thankfully, our Montrose lawn care team knows exactly what it takes to keep your lawn looking thick, green, and healthy all year long.

Our full-service approach is proven to give your lawn all of the care and nutrients it needs to thrive at each point in the season, including:

  • Slow-release fertilizer blends - these address the nutritional needs of your grass to help it grow strong.
  • Protection against disease and insect damage - to keep your lawn looking beautiful.
  • Fall fertilization - to strengthen grassroots and get your lawn ready for the winter season.
  • And more!

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Get A Healthier, Stronger Lawn With Our Experts

Every lawn is different, so your lawn care treatment plan should be curated to care for your lawns specific needs! When you choose to partner with Mesa Turf Masters for your Montrose lawn care needs, we’ll evaluate the current state of your lawn and determine what nutrients it’s lacking to be sure that we create a custom plan to bring your lawn back to life and looking its best. We’ll take care of the hard work and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your healthy and vibrant lawn. We have several ways to get your lawn healthy and strong, including:

Being a locally owned and operated business, many of our technicians call this and surrounding areas home, so we at Mesa Turf Masters are experts on what your lawn needs to look its best! We understand the impact that unpredictable weather can have. Our hot, dry climate in Montrose can be hard to work with, but we’re trained to combat that better than any of our competitors.

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Aeration & Seeding in Montrose

If your lawn is thinning, that’s perfectly natural! Weeds, insects, foot traffic, and the weather can all stress your lawn, leading to it looking sparser than before. However, just because it was bound to happen eventually doesn’t mean we can’t help. Our aeration and seeding services in Montrose will boost the foundation of your lawn, helping it grow strong and healthy all year round.

Lawn Care Based on Your Needs

Every lawn faces different challenges, so your needs for liquid aeration in Montrose can be different than those of your neighbors. That’s why we offer three services that are customized to have your lawn looking its best.

  • Liquid Aeration in Montrose: Aeration improves drainage and reduces soil compaction, making the earth more favorable for grass to grow. It also allows more water and nutrients to reach the roots, the foundation of your lawn.
  • Regular Lawn Renovation in Montrose: This service combines aeration with seeding to fill in bare spots and create new growth, making your lawn green and lush.
  • Deluxe Lawn Renovation in Montrose: If your lawn is damaged, this is the option that will bring it back to life. By aerating, overseeding, and slit seeding, we will restore health and volume to your grass while increasing its overall health.


Weed Control in Montrose

Despite your best efforts, weeds keep popping up in your yard. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also negatively impact the health of your grass, trees, and shrubs. Instead of struggling on your own with these yard invaders, count on our professional weed control in Montrose! Not only will we get rid of existing weeds, but we’ll also stop new ones from growing. Call us today at 970-434-5440 to learn more!

Trust in 25 Years of Experience

Here at Mesa Turf Masters, we’ve been providing weed control in Montrose for over 25 years, so you know your lawn is in good hands. We attack weeds from every angle, keeping your yard healthy and weed-free. 

Our weed control in Montrose includes:

  • A plan customized to your lawn’s needs.
  • Total removal of existing weeds in your yard.
  • Pre-emergent and seasonal treatments to prevent new weeds from taking over.
  • Non-turf spraying that targets tricky weeds in rocky areas.
  • Weed-specific and climate-specific treatments to eliminate invasive noxious weeds for good.
  • A team that goes above and beyond to give you outstanding, dependable service.


Tree and Shrub Care in Montrose

Trees and shrubs are designed to make your yard shine, but sometimes it’s easy to forget they need the occasional maintenance. Unfortunately, it only takes a short amount of time for pests and diseases to take over. Luckily, Mesa Turf Masters offers professional tree and shrub care in Montrose! Give your local lawn technician a call at 970-434-5440 if you need some green-thumb expertise to help keep your ornamentals happy, healthy, and looking their best! 

Year-Round, Comprehensive Care

With over 25 years of experience offering tree and shrub care in Montrose, our skilled technicians are familiar with all the plant species that like to call Western Colorado home. That gives us a leg up on protecting them from common diseases and pests. That’s not all we have to offer though! Our multi-faceted approach to tree and shrub care in Montrose also includes:

  • Soil-injected product technology to help your trees and shrubs thrive—By injecting a blend of high-end fertilizers and nutrients, we are able to enhance foliar growth and root development to encourage healthy plant growth.
  • Thorough insect management to keep your landscape pest-free—We use a dual-approach to insect management that pairs systemic insecticide with foliar applications to eliminate landscape pests and keep your trees and shrubs looking their best. 
  • Seasonal visits to keep your landscape looking good all year long—By timing our services during critical points throughout the year, we are able to optimize results to give you a healthy landscape all year long!

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We Guarantee You’ll Get A Beautiful Lawn

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to keep our customers happy. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our Montrose lawn care services. If you are unhappy with your treatment for any reason at all, give us a call. We will return to your home and re-treat your lawn for free!

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