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Mesa Turf Masters, LLC Lawn Care Company Reviews

Mesa Turf Masters has been caring for our lawn for the last 7 years. We recently sold our Grand Junction home and purchased a home in Fruita. We do not reside in the home full time and depend on Mesa Turf Masters to monitor the sprinkler system, care for the non turf areas, fertilize the lawn and tend to additional landscaping needs (pruning and planting) as needed.

My husband and I recently returned to our home after being away for a few days and discovered a zone in the front lawn was watering outside of the scheduled set time and would not turn off no matter what we did. I called the office and they were able to get Dakota to our residence within 20 minutes of that call. Although Dakota was not a sprinkler technician he was able to successfully troubleshoot the issue and get the zone valve to that zone shut down so that the water was stopped. We cannot thank Mesa Turf Masters enough for their responsiveness, knowledgeable technicians and helpful staff. We would not use another lawn service company for our needs!

- Lorraine |

I had Mesa turf masters aerate and overseed my large lawn this spring. I was impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail. I noticed the owner stopped by to make sure the guys had a good start to their day. It is refreshing to see a businessman that takes the time to be invested in his product. keep up the good work guys! I will definitely be calling next time we need lawn service.

- Josh Snoke |

All of the staff at Mesa Turf Masters are super friendly, prompt, polite, attentive and knowledgeable!! I've had them come out to spray weeds and repair sprinkler heads and they've done a great job!! Thanks to Josh, Matt and Stacey for a job well done and to all the lovely girls who've answered my questions over the phone. I give this company 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 !!

- Lindsey Q |

Wow! What an excellent job Matt and Stacy did. I'm sorry I don't have before and after pictures. Outstanding! Many thanks for a job well done!

- Miriam G |

Just "re-upped" with Jesse today & NEVER do reviews on-line but needed to let our local community know about MTM service excellence! We have used them exclusively for 6 or 7 years for lawn treatments & added weed control on a large gravel area 3 years ago. Everyone we've had contact with has been the epitome of "service with a smile"; personable, informative and professional and the results have always been as advertised. Our neighborhood uses them extensively as well. Today, Jesse offered an unbelievable bargain for our entire year's service of both lawn & gravel weed control that was unexpected & terrific. He said it was in appreciation of our years of being faithful customers & frankly better than even I would have asked for. I recommend them without reservation. Sincerely, Mike

- Mike M |

John is always helpful with technical details and advice to help me. I really appreciate the time he takes.

- Don Z |

I've been using Mesa Turf Masters for two seasons now and have been quite impressed not only with the actual results of the lawn care (noticeable greener, more lush and filled in) but also with the quality and care of the staff. Each of the staff members-specifically A.J., Jacob, Matthew and Jesse-who have visited to give a quote, provide service or follow-up on service, have been friendly, courteous and always take time to answer my questions (even if they're repeats.) I always feel heard, respected and cared for by the staff. Also, this past season I had terrible insect/pest issue and engaged MTM for tree service. They were prompt with their attention and substantially fixed the problem quickly and have set me up for success next season with their winter care protocols. Very satisfied with my lawn and tree maintenance services, as well as irrigation support. Definitely recommend!

- Nora W |

So in 2017 we switched lawn care companies from Mesa Turf Masters to Tru Green to save some money. Over the course of that next year our grass went from a perfect landscaped grass to the dead grass. In that time, our grass was flooded (due to lack of communication from our HOA, whom turned our irrigation on without notice while we were gone a whole weekend and our valve was left open by the man who winterized our sprinkler system and even suggested it stay open, when we came home from camping our whole yard was a swamp) that was in april. We had informed Tru Green what had happened and they reassured us our yard would come back. After months of lack of communication and lack of knowledge on their part, and lack of work (we were told it was flooding, then our yard did not come out of winter properly, then we were told it was bugs, all the while we requested to have a manager come out so we could get some answers and solutions) finally (2 1/2 months later) we were connected with a manager, Chris Wright, whom talked down on his employees lack of knowledge and was very unprofessional and rude, we made the decision to fire Tru Green and rehire Mesa Turf Masters. Jesse, the manager of Mesa Turf Masters, reassured us we made the right choice. He guaranteed their work and informed me it would be a 100% guarantee. We have never been more happier with making that choice. We are only 3 weeks in of baby grass being grown and we can't say enough good things about Mesa Turf Masters and all their crew. They are always so professional and so delightful to so business with!! Always eager to answer any questions and always available when needed!! Thankyou so much Mesa Turf Masters you have really made a difference and we couldn't be more thrilled to put your name out there!! You have been such a blessing to our home!!

- Candice E |

The best turf spray company in Grand Junction by far! If you want the best looking lawn on the block give them a call, John and his team are great to work with!

- Brandon K |

Great service! Management has responded personally to my home for concerns, unprompted, just because they care.

- Aaron P |

John was quick to come to my new home and give me quotes for everything I need and he was very informative. They are very reasonable for prices as well. I will definitely be giving them a call for the services I need done!

- Alex J |

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