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Tired of Wasting Your Weekends with the Watering Hose?

The dry, desert climate in parts of Western Colorado can make keeping your plants and landscaping well-watered difficult, and trekking through your yard with a watering can or the garden hose can be costly in both time and money. If you are ready for a well-designed irrigation system to take over the job of watering, let us design and build you a system to keep your whole yard hydrated and healthy all season long!

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Our Irrigation Repair and Installation Services

Sprinkler spraying the lawn.

For over 25 years, Mesa Turf Masters has been offering quality lawn care services to the Western Colorado area. We are well-versed in the local climate and the problems it can present for the health of your yard, so we are experts at installing or repairing an irrigation system to keep your plants nourished and hydrated throughout the long summer months!

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Irrigation Services for Everyone

Whether you have an irrigation system that needs maintenance or repair, or you want an entirely new system installed, we can help you set your plants up for success with one of our many irrigation services:

Startups - The Grand Junction area of Western Colorado is essentially an irrigated desert, so having a good irrigation system in place is key to the overall health of your lawn! If you need help designing and building an irrigation system from scratch, we have the tools and skills you need to keep your lawn and plants hydrated and healthy!

Repairs - Sprinkler systems tend to have a lot of moving parts. This helps them to be effective at keeping your lawn hydrated, but also makes them prone to breaks. If your irrigation system needs some extra love and attention to be in tip-top shape, we will help restore it to maximal working condition!

Blowouts - Winterizing your irrigation system is an important annual step to protect your irrigation system from cracks and ruptures when the temperatures drop. Our air-compression blowout method is the best way to drain your system of excess water and protect your irrigation system from costly winter damages.

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Over 25 Years of Excellent Service

We offer our irrigation services on an "on-demand basis" as well as on a scheduled recurring basis throughout the summer season. This flexibility allows you to schedule services in a way that will work with your lawn and your schedule. Our dedication to communication also ensures that you know when we will be in your yard, and what we will be doing. Beyond offering quality services and personalized customer communication, we offer a warranty for our irrigation services. We know we offer top-rated services, so if you have any problems with your irrigation systems after installation, we are happy to come back and take a look!

We provide the highest quality of irrigation installation to the following cities:

Ready to spend less time with your watering can?

A quality irrigation system is key to keeping your lawn healthy and hydrated! If you need help setting up or maintaining your system, contact us today.

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