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Want to Enjoy Your Lawn AND Your Weekend?

A healthy, green lawn makes enjoying your outdoor spaces easy, but finding the time to properly care for and nourish it can make finding the time to relax hard. We offer quality lawn care services in Western Colorado so you can have a beautiful lawn, and the time you need to enjoy it too!

Our Lawn Care Services

Close up of grass with the sun and backyard in the background.

Growing grass in the high elevations of Western Colorado can be difficult, often leaving your yard deprived of the oxygen and moisture it needs to thrive. Mesa Turf Masters understands the problems this can present – we’ve been providing quality lawn care services to the Western Colorado area for over 25 years, so we know exactly what your yard needs to look it’s best!

We're proud to deliver our lawn service to the following cities:

Personalized Care You Can Count On

We know every yard is different, so we customize our lawn care services to fit your lawn’s exact needs. We break our services down into two main components, carried out at key points in the year to keep your lawn looking lush in every season!

Fertilization – We customize our fertilizer to your yard’s exact needs so your lawn gets the specific nutrients it craves. We begin with our “spread it and forget it” slow-release fertilizer to keep your grass continuously nourished all season long. Our seasonally-tailored fertilization process is designed to work with nature and provide your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay strong.

Insect & Disease Control – In addition to helping your lawn grow, we will protect it from destructive insects and diseases to keep your turf green and lush!

Weed Control – We use a pre-emergent weed control treatment with broadleaf weed control and an anti-flowering agent. This approach allows us to attack weeds before they become a problem, keeping your yard weed-free!

In addition to our base services, we also offer an organic root builder application and liquid aeration services, as well as non-turf weed control for all the bedded & rock or bark areas where weeds tend to pop up.

Lawn Fertilization

As many of you already know, fertilizer plays a big role in keeping lawns healthy. Without fertilizer, your lawn relies on the nutrients from your soil and your soil alone. More than often, your soil doesn’t contain all the nutrients your lawn needs to stay healthy. Using fertilizer helps provide those nutrients that your soil needs, but lacks. At Mesa Turf Masters, we understand that not everyone’s lawn is the same. We will provide a lawn analysis and use a unique fertilizer that will best fit your lawn’s needs! When using our slow-release fertilizer, your soil will be provided with nutrients continuously. This will help keep the lawn healthy, long-term.

With our trained lawn care technicians at hand, you’ll be able to have the lawn you’ve always dreamed of. No matter the season or condition your lawn is currently at, we can help! Fertilization is just one of the ways we can get your lawn back on track to a luscious green.

Insect & Disease Control

You’ve worked so hard to maintain a good-looking lawn, don’t let it all go to waste! Protecting your lawn from insects and disease today helps prevent future destruction tomorrow. A lot of the time, disease can be avoided if your lawn is being properly tended to. The way you mow and water your lawn can make a large difference. Our lawn care professionals can easily identify signs of destruction created by insects and disease before they actually get worse.

If you spot something irregular or are unsure how to prevent future damage, give us a call! We will happily inspect your lawn, treat it, and protect it from any future threats. As a locally-owned and operated company, we take pride in keeping our neighborhood lawns looking their best!

Friendly Technicians

At Mesa Turf Masters, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our friendly technicians utilize call-aheads, at-home greetings, and personalized notes to make sure you know who is in your yard and what they are doing at all times. We know this communication is important to you and we welcome questions and concerns at any point in the process – our partnership means a lot to us, and we want you to hold us accountable for our work!

Are you ready to enjoy your yard instead of maintaining it?

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