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Lacking the Green Thumb You Need for A Gorgeous Yard?

It can be easy to forget that the trees and shrubs that decorate your yard also need special attention, but neglecting their health can allow pests and diseases to take over in a matter of weeks – leaving your landscaping looking lackluster. If you are looking for professional tree and shrub care services in Western Colorado, we can provide you with the green-thumb expertise your trees and shrubs need to thrive!

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Our Tree & Shrub Care Services

Walkway with green grass and shrubs lining it.

Mesa Turf Masters has been in business in Western Colorado for over 25 years, so we are well-versed in managing the diseases and pests that pose the greatest threat to your trees and shrubs. Our tree technicians are highly qualified and our technology is top-of-the-line, allowing us to offer you environmentally-friendly services that produce real results!

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Protect & Preserve Your Landscape

Our tree and shrub care services are designed to promote the overall health of your trees and shrubs, as well as ward off pests and diseases that might compromise their overall health. This multi-faceted approach helps fortify your landscaping to keep it healthy, gorgeous, and pest-free all year long!

Soil Injected Product Technology - We use soil-injected product technology to give your trees and shrubs everything they need to thrive. Made up of a blend of high-end nutrients and fertilizers, our injection formula is specially-tailored to promote foliar growth, as well as root establishment and continued strength.

Insect Management - We use a dual approach to insect management, attacking pests with two different strategies that, together, are highly effective at keeping your landscaping pest-free. Our systemic insecticide, paired with our foliar-applied insecticides, offer an environmentally-conscious Integrated Pest Management solution to rid your trees of pests and ensure the overall health of your landscaping. We target our insecticides to repel white pine weevils, ips beetles, spider mites, aphids, and other creatures that like to make their homes in your yard. We’ll also tackle pine needle scale, fungus, and other common tree diseases to preserve your landscape’s integrity. We also make sure to carry out our services at just the right time in the season for optimal pest control, giving you the specialized services you need to keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful!

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Areas We Service

As a locally owned and operated company since 1992, we are proud to help our neighbor's lawns thrive. Our tree & shrub care services are available in the following cities:

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