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Want to Take Weeding Off Your To-Do List?

Once weeds take hold, it seems like they never go away! If you feel like you waste your weekends pulling weeds only for more to pop up throughout the week, we can help! We offer high-quality weed control services in Western Colorado to help you break out of the never-ending cycle of managing weeds, so you can check weed control off your to-do list for good!

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Our Weed Control Services

Technician spraying a customers lawn.

For over 25 years, Mesa Turf Masters has been providing quality weed control services to the Western Colorado area. Built on a foundation of accountability, communication, and continuous improvement, we treat you and your lawn with respect to give you the results you deserve!

We provide the highest quality of weed control service to the following cities:

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A Personalized Approach to Weed Control

Western Colorado’s elevation and climate can be harsh on grass, making it easy for weeds to wreak havoc and take over your lawn. The weeds in the Vail Valley and in Eagle County are different from those in Grand Junction, and so our approach to weed control should not be the same either. We understand that not only your weather conditions, but your lawn is also unique, and deserves a treatment plan tailored to its needs. Our seasonal and local-specific approach helps us to address this problem at its roots, tailoring our treatments to your lawns’ exact needs to give you the best results!

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Services for All of Your Weed Control Needs

Weeds come in all different shapes and sizes and can appear in any number of places. No matter what your problem, we have a solution for you to give you the weed-free yard you’ve been dreaming of!

Weed Care - We start off our services by ridding your lawn of it’s existing weeds. Once this is finished, we turn our focus to making sure no new weeds are able to take root. With a pre-emergent spring treatment, followed by seasonally-tailored treatments, you can rest easy knowing weeds in your yard are a thing of the past!

Non-Turf Spraying - Non-turf weeds can be especially resilient and difficult to manage, but our technicians have the skill and experience to take care of them quickly and efficiently! Our six-step process begins with pre-emergent treatments and continues throughout the season with a weed spray specifically formulated to target weeds growing in non-turf, rocky areas.

Noxious Weed Control - Noxious weeds are known for their invasive and aggressive spreading patterns, making them particularly tricky to tackle. We use a weed-specific and climate-specific strategy to target these pesky plants and get rid of them for good!

Do you want professional help managing your weeds?

We can help you cross weed control off your to-do list for good! If managing the weeds in your yard seems like a never-ending job, contact us today.

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